Your first visit

What should I wear?
visitWe don’t want you to be concerned with dressing up for church so dress casually and comfortably. We have people from all walks of life so you’ll see anything from shorts and a t-shirt to business casual. So, we invite you to come just as you are!

What are services like?
Sunday morning services are an hour and a half in length. The services open with prayer followed by a time of contemporary worship. After worship a message from the Bible is given and we encourage you to follow along so bring your Bible if you have one. Don’t have a Bible? No problem as Bibles can be found at the entrance of the sanctuary to borrow or to keep. After the message the service ends with a closing song and prayer.

What’s contemporary worship?
Contemporary worship is contemporary music that is played and sung at the beginning and closing of our services. A more traditional type of worship is the playing of hymns and the church singing hymns in worship of the Lord. While we still play hymns from time to time contemporary worship uses more contemporary music and lyrics to worship the Lord.

What’s the message from the Bible like?
In the book of Romans the Bible tells us that faith comes by hearing, and that of the word of God. We believe that in order for you to grow in your faith that you need to hear the word of God more than someone’s opinion. For this reason we teach the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse. This allows the message to be more about what the Bible says than what man says.

What’s available for my children?
No matter the age of your children we have a variety of ministries to meet their needs. The Children’s Church ministry on Sunday mornings is designed for children from infants to the sixth grade. We also have youth services through out the week for junior high and high school kids. It’s an honor for us to serve your children and play a small part in preparing them for their future.